Something has been on my mind lately that I just can’t seem to fathom.

The female body is an incredible thing; it is so complex and so strong, literally being able to change its morphology to carry a new human. The hormonal system alone is something to be impressed by. The way that everything just has to balance and what the internal body environment has to be to do this is unreal.

Yet we idealise thinness and extreme muscularity in today’s world, when in actual fact, this is the opposite of what a woman is designed to be. 

Now before you hate on me, hear me out. I have always been that tiny, lean, athletic girl who just seemed to always look on point. 

Sure it looks good for the gram, but it had also taken away my femininity, my ability to be an actual functioning female – did I really want that?

Women are meant to have body fat. Our bodies need it to function.It is essential for fertility, as our fat cells contribute nearly 1/3 of the oestrogen levels we need for things to work. Our body will not feel safe or equipped to carry a baby if it can’t even get it’s hormones right. 

This information when I first heard it scared me. From an evolutionary perspective, the women is designed to carry a baby (if you don’t want to no pressure, just speaking from evolution). Having body fat enables this. When we are super lean and shredded, those fertility hormones will not be working. I wanted more than anything to have kids – and I had given it all up to look a certain way.

It is not your job to exercise and lose weight. It is not your job to be as thin or as shredded as possible. It is your job, to live a happy and healthy life. This will never be, speaking from personal experience, at your smallest most shredded weight, where you are controlling what you eat and pushing yourself with exercise to the point of obsession. 

Women are incredible. We are strong, we are capable, and we are so goddamn beautiful. Our bodies are beyond words – the fact they can create a human, an actual living being, birth it and live to tell the tale is just everything. We can’t nor should we fight evolution – women aren’t meant to be super musclar or thin (unless you’re naturally like that then awesome). We’re designed to carry babies and we need body fat to do so, around 20% the research suggests. 

Women are beautiful. You are beautiful just as you are, even if you do have body fat. We are meant too. 

Instead of worrying about being as lean as possible, why not just celebrate your body; this incredible female body that although might not look as shredded as the guys, can do so much more (sorry boys)- we can create life.